T10 Technical Committee Members Pages

These pages are intended primarily for T10 Technical Committee members and are used to conduct T10 committee business.

Document Numbers

Submitting a document (also called a proposal) to the T10 Technical Committee involves requesting a T10 document number and posting your document on the T10 web site. To request a T10 document number click on this link and fill out the appropriate form. You will then receive an email with your document number assignment and instructions for posting your document. You should include the assigned document number at the upper right on the first page of your document.

Link to File upload page.

Memberships and Voting Rights

People may attend T10 meetings as guests. Guests who continue to attend T10 meetings are expected to join T10 and to pay the INCITS Service Fees. This website includes a complete and up-to-date list of T10 Member organizations.

Organizations that participate in two out of three consecutive T10 Plenary meetings may ask to become Voting T10 Members. Later, the failure of a T10 Voting Member organization to attend two out of three consecutive T10 Plenary meetings results in that organization being notified that they are in T10 Attendance Jeopardy. If an organization notified of Attendance Jeopardy fails to send a representative to the next T10 Plenary, that organization loses its voting rights and is returned to being an Advisory T10 Member. For the convenience of those planning travel to T10 Plenary meetings, this website provides a list of T10 Members whose voting status might change at the next T10 Plenary along with the reasons that would motivate those changes.

In addition to potential voting privileges, T10 Members receive enhanced access to files on this website, expedited document upload processing, and other services. Failure to pay annual INCITS Service Fees results in all T10 Membership privileges being revoked.

T10 Projects Status and History

T10 Projects

Vote Calculator

A vote calculator is available here.


Some tools are available to help with generating and using PDF files.

Project Editors

T10 Project Editors page

Meeting Hosts

T10 Meeting Hosts page

T10 Members Database

Click here if you wish to examine the T10 Membership list. T10 members can make changes by using the T10 People Manager.

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