T10 Information

T10 Rules and Procedures

The T10 Technical Committee operates under the rules of its parent committee, the InterNational Committee on Information Technology Standards (INCITS). The INCITS rules are on their web site in the Policies section of the Standards Information page.


Standards may be developed that include patented concepts provided access to those patents is made available under the terms and conditions specified in the INCITS Patent Policy.

T10 has received a number of patent letters.

INCITS Antitrust Guidelines

INCITS requires that participants in the standards process adhere to the INCITS antitrust guidelines available in the Legal Information section of the INCITS Standards Information page.

International Standards

Many of the T10 standards serve as the basis for ISO/IEC International Standards. Gary Robinson, T10's International Representative has prepared a white paper explaining the relationship of the T10 and T11 Technical Committees and the ISO/IEC JTC1 Committee.

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