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The T10 documents are available here in Portable Data Format (.PDF) format. Click this link if you are looking for draft standards or technical reports.

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Acceptable formats for this field include:

2002-123r1 Specific year, document, and revision
02-123r1 Specific year, document, and revision
123r1 Most recent year with the specific document and revision
123 Most recent year with the specific document and the highest revision

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See the X3T9.2 archives for documents before 1994.

T10 document numbers

The T10 Technical Committee maintains its internal documents (sometimes called proposals) by assigning them document numbers in the following format:



yy is the last two digits of the current year,
nnn is the nth document of the year, and
r is the revison number.

So the first revision of the 99th document in 1997 would be numbered: T10/97-099R0 and the file name would be: 97-099r0.xxx, where xxx identifies the file type (e.g., 'pdf' for Portable Data Format files).

To obtain a T10 document number, please click on this link, fill out the appropriate form, and wait for your document number assignment to arrive by email (usually in a few minutes). You should include this document number in your document at the top right on the first page.

Posting T10 documents

Instructions for posting your document will be included in the email that gives you your T10 document number. All you have to do is reply to the email with your file(s) attached. It is requested that you attach both the source file and the PDF file. If you cannot create PDF files, an administrator will attempt to make a PDF file for you. Even if you do attach the PDF file, please also include the source file for the T10 archives -- all too often we need to re-create PDF files for various reasons.

Copyright policy

Do not submit documents containing a copyright statement unless you add the following statement:

Permission is granted to members of INCITS, its technical committees and their associated task groups to reproduce this document for the purposes of INCITS standardization activities, provided this notice is included.

If you upload a copyrighted document, with or without this statement, it will be assumed implicitly that you and your organization have given the above permission.

Appropriate content

Do not upload inappropriate material. If you do, your files will be removed and your posting privileges will be revoked.

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