SCSI Common Codes & Values

The standardized collection of SCSI commands uses many specific codes and coded values to communicate requests and responses between the initiator and target. Informative summaries for several of the more commonly used codes and coded values are included as annex information in the SCSI Primary Commands - x (SPC-x) draft standard. Status code information is documented in the SCSI Architectural Model - x (SAM-x) draft standard.

The assignment of codes and coded values may proceede faster than the standards publication process. This electronic posting of summary information attempts to provide a more timely source for data that is equivalent to that found in the draft standards.

CAUTION: The information presented at this web site is not officially part of the SCSI standards. Conflicts between the information presented at this web site and the applicable SCSI standard or standards must be resolved by formal action of the INCITS T10 Technical Committee. Until such resolution occurs, the applicable written SCSI standard or standards apply.

The codes and coded values information is grouped in several lists as follows:

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