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Preparing and Uploading Meeting Announcements

Hotel Contracts

IMPORTANT: Do not sign a contract with a hotel until your meeting week is approved by T10. If you are not sure, you can tell that your meeting week has been approved when it no longer appears in red italic font on the Meeting Page.

Most T10 hosts write a contract with the hotel in a way that part of the guest room charge is used to pay for the meeting rooms, food, beverages, and A/V charges. This reduces the costs to the host and makes the meetings more or less self-supporting.

You can avoid an expensive mistake by not over-committing to the room night block. Many hotel contracts require the host to pay for unused guest rooms if reservations fall below a certain threshold. You can see the historical T10 room night data on the T10 Minutes History page. You should commit to somewhat lower numbers to be safe.

Ask the hotel to set up a web page that T10 attendees can use to make sure that they get the group rate. This helps with meeting your guest room commitment and simplifies the reservations process for people attending your meeting. There is a place on the form for uploading your meeting announcement where you can enter this URL so it appears on the Meeting Page.

(This page was last updated on 2015/03/26.)
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