This page contains some helpful tools. The tools have been contributed by T10 members who make no guarantees whatsoever regarding the tools. No technical support is available. What do you expect for free?!?

If you do not have Perl already and want a free copy, check out ActivePerl at:

A tool from Curtis Ballard that converts Acrobat 5, 6, or 7 .fdf files to either .txt or .csv format. It includes support for various commenting features (see the comments at the beginning of the perl file for a full list). This tool is based on an earlier tool from Rob Elliott and Ralph Weber: (Perl and exe)

Rob Elliott's tool to count comments in an .fdf file:
Count FDF comments tool (Perl)

Create numbered list of annotations for T10 letter ballot submission:
Acrobat 4 version (Perl)
Acrobat 5 version (Perl)

Count PDF annotation categories (e.g. ACCEPT/REJECT) and report statistics (for using PDF as the letter ballot comment resolution database) (Acrobat 5 only):
Acrobat 5 version (Perl)

Number and close PDF bookmarks (e.g. generated from Microsoft Word):
Number PDF bookmarks (ZIP'd EXE file)
Number PDF bookmarks (CPP source file)

Here is a short perl script to convert Kxx.y Dxx.y characters to hex values, as used in the SAS standard. A sample input file is also included.

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