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T10 Working Drafts Online

The T10 web site is at:

You can obtain unapproved/unpublished T10 Working Drafts online by clicking here if you are viewing this with your Web browser.

T10 members can access published T10 Working Drafts using the t10member ftp account. T10 members can have the current password for this account sent to them by email using the http://www.t10.org/members/pswdhelp.htm URL.

T10 members can also set up personal mirror sites of T10.org by following the directions available at:

Web Sites

You may find these Web sites useful:

http://www.incits.org/ [InterNational Committee for Information Technology Stanadards (NCITS)]
http://www.ansi.org/ [American National Standards Institute (ANSI)]
http://www.iso.org/iso/jtc1_home.html [Joint Technical Committee 1 (JTC 1)]
http://webstore.ansi.org/FindStandards.aspx?Action=displaydept&DeptID=10&Acro=INCITS&DpName=INCITS%20%28ITI%29:%20Information%20Technology%20%28includes%20INCITS,%20INCITS/ISO,%20and%20INCITS/ISO/IEC%29 [ANSI eStandards Store]
http://www.techstreet.com/incits [Thomson Reuters Techstreet]
http://global.ihs.com/ [Global Engineering Documents]
http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/ietf-announce/current/msg04239.html [IP Storage (iSCSI)]
http://www.t11.org/ [T11 Technical Committee (Fibre Channel, HIPPI, IPI, SBCON)]
http://www.t13.org/ [T13 Technical Committee (ATA & ATAPI)]
http://www.scsita.org [SCSI Trade Association (STA)]
http://www.sffcommittee.com [SFF Committee]
http://www.sata-io.org/ [Serial ATA International Organization]
http://www.fibrechannel.org [Fibre Channel Industry Association (a trade association)]
http://www.1394ta.org/ [IEEE 1394 Trade Association]
http://www.cmpcmm.com/cc/standards.html [Pointers to Computer and Communications Standards]

I/O Interface Reflectors (mailing lists)

The following table lists information about several electronic mailing lists that you can "join". These lists are often called reflectors because mail sent to one address gets 'reflected' to everyone on the list.

               Subscribe/                                       majordomo/
Reflector      Unsubscribe             Broadcast to             listserv
Name           Address                 Reflector                keyword
-------------  ----------------------- ------------------------ --------------
T10            www.t10.org/mailman/listinfo/t10  t10@t10.org
T13            (See subscribe tab at www.t13.org)
IEEE P1394     majordomo@majordomo.    stds-1394@ieee.org       stds-1394
T11.2          mailto:t11_2-subscribe@ t11_2@mail.t11.org       t11_2
T11.3          mailto:t11_3-subscribe@ t11_3@mail.t11.org       t11_3
IPS            ips-request@ece.cmu.    ips@ece.cmu.edu          ips

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