T10 Vendor ID Request Form
This online Vendor ID request form may be used by anyone who needs a T10 Vendor ID to be assigned to their organization. Please fill out this form and click the Submit Request button when you are done. Your form will be sent to an administrator for approval. Once the administrator accepts your request, you will be sent an email with your Vendor ID assignment. If the administrator has questions about your request, he or she will contact you at the email address you provide. Click here for more information about T10 Vendor ID assignments.

Please note that a T10 Vendor ID is generally used to identify the manufacture of various I/O devices (e.g., disk drives, tape drives, CD-ROMs, etc.) in I/O interface standards. If you do not build computer peripheral devices or storage subsystems, you probably do not need a T10 Vendor ID.

Requestor Information
Name: Please enter your name
Email: Please enter your email address (carefully!)
Requested Vendor Identification
Requested Vendor ID: Please enter your requested Vendor ID (maximum of 8 characters)
Organization Name: Please enter your organization name (maximum of 68 characters)
Intended usage for Vendor ID: Please briefly describe how you intend to use your T10 Vendor ID (e.g., which standards do you plan to implement that need a T10 Vendor ID).

Or click here if you have decided to not request a Vendor ID now.

(This form was last updated on 2007/08/29)
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