Draft Agenda -- SCSI Commands, Architecture, and Protocol Working Group
September 19, 2017 -- September 20, 2017
Boise, ID
Tuesday   9:00 am -- 5:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am -- 5:00 pm (SPL Wednesday morning)
Schedule of topics

1.   Opening Remarks
2.   Approval of Agenda
3.   Attendance and Membership
4.   SCSI Protocol Topics
4.1    SPL-4 Proposals
4.2    SPL-5 Proposals
4.2.1    SPL-5: Obsolete Multiplexing (17-046r1) [Besmer]
4.2.2    SPL-5: Interleaved SPL (17-048r3) [Symons,]
4.2.3    SPL-5: SFF-8609 Mode Page control structure - THE REDUX (17-073r2) [Marks]
4.2.4    SPL-5: Retimers (17-103r1) [Symons]
4.2.5    SPL-4: corrections r00 (17-135r0) [Friend]
4.2.6    SPL-5 Indicate if reduced functionality is SMP target port (17-133r0) [Ballard]
4.3    SRP-2 Proposals
4.3.1    SRP-2 draft review [Breher]
5.   SCSI / ATA Translation Topics
5.1    SAT-5: Issues List (17-087r2) [Stevens]
5.2    SAT-5: Deterministic Write Same Unmap (17-138r1) [Besmer]
5.3    SAT-5: Map ATA DSN unit attention for Repurposing Depopulation  (17-083r0) [Hatfield]
5.4    SAT-5: Read Serial Number Translation (17-140r0) [Besmer]
6.   SCSI Architecture Model Topics
6.1    SAM-5 - ALU bad reference (17-139r0) [Breher]
7.   Command Set Topics
7.1    SCSI Primary Commands Proposals
7.1.1    SPC-5 SBC-4: Obsolete the XOR commands (17-131r0) [Houlder]
7.1.2    SPC-5 Report required download mode (17-142r0) [Ballard]
7.2    SCSI Block Commands Proposals
7.3    Zoned Block Commands Proposals
7.3.1    ZBC-2: Issues List (17-088r0) [Stevens]
7.3.2    ZBC-2: Add WRITE SAME clarification and WRITE LONG clarification (17-101r1) [Houlder]
7.3.3    ZBC-2: Add zone identifier lists (17-124r0) [Houlder]
7.3.4    ZBC-2: Add REPORT ZONES command compact list format (17-125r0) [Houlder]
7.3.5    ZBC-2: Add SEQUENTIALIZE ZONE command (17-136r0) [Houlder]
7.4    SCSI Enclosure Services Proposals
7.4.1    SES-4 - INVOP errata (17-144r0) [Breher]
7.5    SCSI Stream Commands Proposals
7.6    Other Proposals
8.   Old Business
9.   New Business
10.  Review of Working Drafts
11.  Review of Recommendations to the Plenary
12.  Meeting Schedule   Next Meeting Announcement   Next Meeting Map
13.  Adjournment.