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T10 Project Editors may upload revisions to working drafts by clicking on this link. Please generate your PDF files to be compatible Acrobat 5.x (PDF 1.4). (This parameter is set in Adobe Distiller, Settings, Job Options, Compatibility and may be called "High Quality Print".)


Please note that effective April 2006, we will be formatting the T10 members list in the front matter the same as the INCITS list has been for years. This means that the T10 member's organizations will be included. I support giving recognition to the organizations that are paying the bills!

However, this new list format is not quite as easy to create from the T10 names database since it includes tabs with dot leaders. Ralph Weber helped me come up with a tool to make this task easier (okay, he did most of the real work!). If you look in the Editors FTP directory, you will find RTF files that import directly into MS-Word and MIF files that import directly into FrameMaker.

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