1994 T10 Mailing #2

Announce Description File Type
and Size
jbl9402 Memorandum from the Chairman PDF (9967)
sy9402 Table of Contents PDF (n/a)
ann-m003 Next Meeting Notice PDF (46865)
ann-m004 Subsequent Meeting Notice PDF (39694)
map-m003 Meeting Map PDF (4296)

Description Author File Type
and Size
94-001r0 Annual Report for X3T10 J. Lohmeyer PDF (73617)
94-002r1 X3T10 Project Status Summary J. Lohmeyer PDF (5861)
94-004r0 Draft Agenda for X3T10 Meeting - May '94 J. Lohmeyer PDF (4516)
94-019r2 Project Proposal ATA3-PH Standard S. Finch PDF (14837)
94-020r2 Project Proposal for ATA3-XPT Standard S. Finch PDF (14622)
94-021r2 Project Proposal for ATA3-PI Standard S. Finch PDF (14516)
94-022r2 Project Proposal for ATA3-BC Standard S. Finch PDF (14604)
94-027r2 Proposal for Data CRC across the Cable R. Kalish PDF (9273)
94-031r2 SCSI Logical Unit Addressing G. Penokie PDF (20942)
94-035r1 Project Proposal for SCSI-3 Controller Commands Standard D. Hagerman PDF (29750)
94-036r1 Project Proposal for Multi-Media Command Set Standard Lohmeyer/Harris PDF (30715)
94-040r3 SCSI Disk Array Model G. Penokie PDF (76841)
94-041r3 SDA States and Types G. Penokie PDF (10069)
94-042r3 SDA Commands & Mode Pages G. Penokie PDF (15092)
94-045r3 16.6 MB/Sec Timing T. Hanan PDF (14099)
94-046r0 Master/Slave Handshaking H. Landis PDF (18259)
94-047r0 Minutes of ATA Working Group - 1/28/94 R. Shergill PDF (11534)
94-049r0 Public review comment on SPI re adding SCAM as normative annex J. Lohmeyer PDF (7990)
94-050r0 ltr Rinehuls to Lohmeyer re IEEE P1244.5 PINS W. Rinehuls PDF (77047)
94-051r1 Comments/Recommendations on ATA-2 working draft J. Masiewicz PDF (20195)
94-053r2 RESET on the Bus - ATA R. Kalish PDF (3785)
94-055r0 Minutes of ATA Working Group - 2/23/94 Shergill/Finch PDF (12033)
94-057r0 Proposal for the working draft on Mulit-Media Commands N. Harris PDF (1530788)
94-058r0 Word 51,52, 64, 66 Revisions for comments J. Masiewicz PDF (8849)
94-059r0 Minutes of RAID Study Group - 2/14/94 G. Penokie PDF (12080)
94-060r1 Project Proposal for Fast-20 SCSI-3 Parallel Interface Standard Ham/Lohmeyer PDF (12199)
94-061r2 Fast-20 SCSI Proposal Lamers/Lohmeyer/Ham PDF (203371)
94-062r0 Minutes of RAID Study Group - 3/14/94 G. Penokie PDF (14120)
94-063r5 DMA Command Description Cleanup H. Landis PDF (8040)
94-064r1 Power Managment Description Cleanup H. Landis PDF (15517)
94-065r1 Master/Slave Handshaking H. Landis PDF (16199)
94-066r0 Minutes of ATA Working Group - 3/14/94 Lamers/Finch PDF (14344)
94-067r0 Data Recovery on Deferred Errors G. Houlder PDF (4867)
94-068r0 Ultra SCSI progress report B. Ham PDF (387583)
94-069r0 Proposal for WRITE BUFFER command R. Snively PDF (19616)
94-070r0 Minutes of the X3T10 General Working Group - March 16, 1994 Lamers/Lohmeyer PDF (16981)
94-072r0 Minor errors in SPI S. Finch PDF (20293)
94-074r0 Minutes of X3T10 Plenary Meeting #2 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (94001)
94-075r0 Presentation on ATM E. Gardner PDF (110139)
94-076r0 Liaison Report from P1285 - 3/95 D. Pak PDF (46471)
94-077r0 Liaison Report from PCMCIA - 3/95 L. Barnes PDF (308495)
94-078r0 Liaison Report from X3T11-3/94 R. Cummings PDF (24291)
94-079r1 Comments on INQUIRY command J. McGrath PDF (18495)
94-080r1 Comments on Download Microcode J. McGrath PDF (11598)
94-081r0 Comments on optional/mandatory features J. McGrath PDF (11409)
94-082r0 Quotation on SPI ANSI editing S. Smith PDF (12782)
94-083r0 Liaison report from AIIM - 3/94 W. Burr PDF (46598)
94-084r0 Media Error Monitoring and Reporting Techniques...Optical Data Disks F. Podia PDF (1197560)
94-085r0 Letter Ballot comment resolution for SBP G. Marazas PDF (1125221)
94-087r0 Secure Mode Command P. McLean PDF (69212)
94-088r0 Minutes of SPI-2 Working Group - 3/2/94 R. Shergill PDF (19018)
94-090r0 Letter Ballot for SAM Forwarding J. Lohmeyer PDF (13776)
94-091r0 Letter Ballot for SBP Forwarding J. Lohmeyer PDF (13798)
94-092r0 Letter Ballot for ATA-3 PH Project Proposal J. Lohmeyer PDF (13580)
94-093r0 Letter Ballot for ATA-3 XPT Project Proposal J. Lohmeyer PDF (13615)
94-094r0 Letter Ballot for ATA-3 PI Project Proposal J. Lohmeyer PDF (13575)
94-095r0 Letter Ballot for ATA-3 BC Project Proposal J. Lohmeyer PDF (13569)
94-096r0 Letter Ballot for Fast-20 Project Proposal J. Lohmeyer PDF (13633)
94-097r0 Project Proposal for Serial Storage Protocol (SSP) Standard J. Lohmeyer PDF (31294)
94-098r0 Ultra-SCSI Report to 3/31/94 WG B. Ham PDF (337321)
94-099r0 Project Proposal for GPP Technical Report G. Milligan PDF (29308)

Description Rev PL / Editor File Size
SCSI-2 Common Access Method Transport and SCSI Interface Module (CAM) 06 Bill Dallas PDF (3451294)
SCSI-3 Architecture Model (SAM) 13 Charles Monia PDF (287402)
Serial Bus Protocol (SBP) 16 Ron Roberts PDF (182008)
SCSI-3 Parallel Interface (SPI) 12c Larry Lamers PDF (778816)
SCSI-3 Stream Commands (SSC) 00 Ted Lappin PDF (2527095)