Draft Agenda -- SCSI Commands, Architecture, and Protocol Working Group
November 5, 2019 -- November 7, 2019
Sunnyvale, CA

Tuesday   9:00 am -- 5:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am -- 5:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am - 11:30 am
Schedule of topics

1.   Opening Remarks
2.   Approval of Agenda
3.   Attendance and Membership
4.   SCSI Protocol Topics
4.1    SPL-5 Proposals
4.1.1    SPL-5 Three IDENTIFY address frames (19-093r1) [Symons]
4.2    Fibre Channel Protocol Topics
4.2.1    Minutes: FCP-5 Ad Hoc - Oct 8, 2019 (19-108r1) [Peterson]
4.2.2    FCP-5 Status Report - November T10 (19-119r1) [Peterson]
5.   SCSI / ATA Translation Topics
5.1    SAT-5: Issues List (19-033r2) [Stevens]
5.2    SAT-5 Revise WRITE SAME translation for zoned block devices (19-115r0) [Houlder]
5.3    SAT-5 IDENTIFY DEVICE cleanup (19-104r0) [Besmer]
6.   SCSI Architecture Model Topics
7.   Command Set Topics
7.1    SCSI Primary Commands Proposals
7.1.1    SPC-6 SBC-4 Add rules for multi-LUN command interlock (19-066r2) [Houlder]
7.1.2    SPC-6, SBC-4: W-LUNs Approach to Dual-Actuator Format et al. (19-117r0) [Weber]
7.2    SCSI Block Commands Proposals
7.2.1    SBC4r17 RFC resolution (19-063r3) [Martin]
7.2.2    SPC-6 SBC-4 Create Restore Elements and Rebuild feature (19-067r2) [Houlder]
7.2.3    SBC-4: Add new ZBC-2 commands (19-087r1) [Weber]
7.2.4    SBC-4: Modernize the ZONED field (19-088r2) [Weber]
7.2.5    SBC-4: Eviscerate CbCS in RFC processing (19-100r0) [Weber]
7.2.6    SBC-4: Quickie ZBC to ZBC-2 changes (19-101r0) [Weber]
7.2.7    SBC-4: Funky ZBC to ZBC-2 Tweaks (19-103r0) [Weber]
7.2.8    SBC-4 Comment resolutions (19-102r0) [Houlder]
7.2.9    Project Proposal: SBC-5 (SCSI Block Commands - 5) (19-114r1) [Weber]
7.2.10   SBC-4: RFC comment resolution (Grouping function) (19-121r0) [Knight]
7.3    Zoned Block Commands Proposals
7.3.1    ZBC-2: Issues List (19-008r5) [Weber]
7.3.2    ZBC-2: Zone Domains and Realms (19-032r7) [Weber, Houlder]
7.3.3    ZBC-2: Align sanitize description with ZAC-2 (19-089r2) [Weber]
7.3.4    ZBC-2: Configuration Info in ZBC VPD page (19-106r0) [Weber]
7.3.5    ZBC-2: Bugfixs in 'two or more' zones commands (19-109r1) [Weber]
7.3.6    ZBC-2: Getting the Caches right (19-110r0) [Weber]
7.3.7    ZBC-2: WRITE LONG (16) looks redundant (19-111r0) [Weber]
7.4    SCSI Enclosure Services Proposals
7.5    SCSI Stream Commands Proposals
7.6    USB Attached SCSI Proposals
7.6.1    Project Proposal: UAS-3 (USB Attached SCSI - 3) (19-116r1) [Weber]
7.6.2    UAS-3: Interactions with SAM-6 and SPC-6 (19-118r0) [Weber]
7.7    Other Proposals
8.   Old Business
9.   New Business
9.1    SRP-3: ANSI Editorial changes to SRP-2 (19-105r0) [Breher]
9.2    SFSC: ISO comments [Knight]
10.  Review of Working Drafts
11.  Review of Recommendations to the Plenary
12.  Meeting Schedule   Next Meeting Announcement   Next Meeting Map
13.  Adjournment