June 5, 2003 Update: Due to continuing ftp issues, I have switched over most of the links on www.t10.org to use http access instead of ftp access. This should eliminate most web browser issues, although file download times might increase slightly. If you really prefer ftp access, see Issue 3 below and work backwards.

Issue 1: Cannot access ftp files

The anonymous ftp server on ftp.t10.org is configured to require an email address for the password. An access to a file from the www.t10.org web pages causes an anonymous ftp transfer. If your web browser is not configured to send your email address as the anonymous ftp password, then an ftp login failure occurs.

You can correct the configuration of your web browser by specifying your email address and enabling your web browser to send it as the password for anonymous ftp. This is accomplished as follows for Netscape:

  Under the Edit, Preferences menu item, select the
  plus sign to the left of the 'Mail & Groups'
  category.  Then select the 'Identity' category.
  Fill in your email address (the address must
  include an ampersand '@').

  Then select the Advanced category and check the
  box that says, "Send email address as anonymous FTP

Microsoft's Internet Explorer appears to handle this issue in a more automatic manner (that is, it appears to work, but I don't know why!).

Issue 2: Cannot access ftp directories (using Microsoft Internet Explorer)

In Internet Explorer, choose Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, and make sure that the Enable folder view for FTP files is checked.

Issue 3: Cannot access files by ftp because of local firewall restrictions

There is a work around solution to this problem. Note the ftp URL for the link you want to access. Some browsers show the link at the bottom of the screen when you place the mouse cursor over it. Others allow you to right click on the link to capture it on the clipboard. You can then map any ftp link on ftp.t10.org to an http link as follows:

    ftp://ftp.t10.org/*  is the same as  http://www.t10.org/ftp/*

Issue 4: Cannot even get to the anonymous ftp login prompt

The LSI Logic network security people get paid to be real paranoid. If your network is not configured properly, you will not be allowed access to the anonymous ftp server at ftp.t10.org. Both a forward and reverse DNS look up is performed to verify you are indeed who you say you are. If not, the attempted ftp access will not even ask you to log in.

Primary solution: Get the DNS maps for your network properly configured.

Work-around: See Issue 3 for a way to convert ftp accesses into http accesses.

Mirror Site

If none of this solves your problem, some people have had success using the T10 mirror site.

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