Agenda for SNIA SFF (connectors) TA TWG F2F
Costa Mesa, CA           January 10th, 2018

Attendance: SNIA TA TWG site
IP Policy Statement:
“You are hereby informed that, under the SNIA IP Policy, your presence at this meeting may obligate you and/or your company/organization with respect to any of the work items of the SNIA SFF TA Technical Work Group.”

Old Business:
1.      CommRes for QSFP connector specs (SFF-8662, SFF-8672, and SFF-8682) everybody  60min
2.      Current status of new projects                                      Michael K. 10min
     a.      SFF-TA-1005                                                    Jason S.   10min
     b.      SFF-TA-1006,      SFF-TA-1007, SFF-TA-1008                     Anthony C. 20min
     c.      INF-TA-1003                                                    Jay N.     10min
3.      Process Guide                                                       Arnold J.  40min
     a.      Creation of new subgroup proposal                              Alex. H.   10min