Wednesday of T10 Week

 1. Opening remarks and introductions

 2. Approval of the agenda

 3. Distribute attendance sheet

 4. Administrative
      Approval of minutes
      Patent Policy (ftp://ftp.seagate.com/sff/SFF-8060.TXT)
      Antitrust Guidelines (ftp://ftp.seagate.com/sff/SFF-8023.TXT)
      Meeting Agenda: http://www.t10.org/ftp/t10/sff-agnd.htm

5. Action Items/Presentations

     EIA:  SFF-8436/EIA-964 is awaiting review by Molex
              Who? Completion date?
           SFF-8200/EIA-720 and SFF-8300/EIA-740 are at Committee Ballot
            Alvin Cox reviewed
            Comments were submitted w/SFF's vote in favor

     SNIA      SFF as an Affiliate Technical Working Group (Wayne Adams)

     SFF-8601  Speed Negotiation for Ethernet Drives

     SFF-8639  Multifunction 6X Unshielded Connector
                  Spring contact position and tolerance is not specified

     SFF-8654  0.6mm 4/8X Unshielded I/O Connector

     INF-9401  SAS-4 Internal Connector Pinout Recommendations


     PCI SIG   Barry Olawsky

     SFF-9639  Mark Myers to describe Rev 0.9 updates
                 - zaps SATA Express
                 - includes Quad PCIe Client

     Template  Sanitize 'Wipe' in Glossary to be generic to any connector
                 Paul Coddington to prepare figures

     Standardized specifications
               Replace 'Expired' in database with 'Accepted'
                  Ramifications have delayed implementation

6. SSWG(s)

     SFF-9400  Universal 4/8X Pinouts

7. Projects

    SFF-8490  Multilane 4/8X 56 Gb/s Transceiver
    SFF-8601  Speed Negotiation for Ethernet Drives
    SFF-8611  MiniLink 4/8X I/O Cable Assemblies
    SFF-8612  MiniLink 4/8X Shielded Connector
    SFF-8613  Mini Multilane 4/8X Unshielded Connector (HDun)
    SFF-8614  Mini Multilane 4/8X Shielded Cage/Connector (HDsh)
    SFF-8617  Mini Multilane 12X Shielded Cage/Connector (CXP)
    SFF-8621  MiniLink 4/8X 24 Gb/s Interconnect Solution
    SFF-8631  Serial Attachment 4/8X 24 Gb/s Unshielded Connector
    SFF-8647  Mini Multilane 12X 14 Gb/s Shielded Cage/Connector (CXP14)
    SFF-8648  Mini Multilane 12X 28 Gb/s Shielded Cage/Connector (CXP28)
    SFF-8654  0.6mm 4/8X Unshielded I/O Connector
    SFF-8655  0.6mm 4/8X 24 Gb/s Unshielded I/O Connector
    SFF-8673  Mini Multilane 4/8X 24 Gb/s Unshielded Connector (HD24un)
    SFF-8674  Mini Multilane 4/8X 24 Gb/s Shielded Cage/Connector (HD24sh)

8. Ballot(s)

9. Future schedule of SFF Meetings
     1500-xxxx  Form Factors and Connectors (Every T10 week)
     xxxx-1800  8xxx SSWG as needed
                Transceivers (every T11 week)