Agenda for SNIA SFF (connectors) TA TWG F2F
Milford, MA           July 12th, 2017

1. Attendance:	SNIA TA TWG site
2. IP Policy Statement:
“You are hereby informed that, under the SNIA IP Policy, your presence at this meeting may obligate you and/or your company/organization with respect to any of the work items of the SNIA SFF TA Technical Work Group.”

3. Old Business:
     1.	status of the U.3 proposal					Paul Suhler (Micron)
          a.	update of SFF-9639					Jason Stuhlsatz (Broadcom)
     2.	request to publish CDFP MSA 400 Gb/s (16 X 25 GB/s) PLUGGABLE TRANSCEIVER Rev 3.0 March 20, 2015 as SNIA SFF TA Information Document		Jay Neer (Molex)
     3.	“no vote” comments on SFF-8609				Bill Lynn (Dell EMC)
     4.	Propose how to vote for “Press Releases”			Mike Dudek (QLogic)
     5.	New project to approve some modifications to SFF-8631		Dan Gorenc (TE Connectivity)
4. New business
     1.	Request new project to revise SFF-8614, SFF-8644, SFF-8674	Jay Neer (Molex)
     2.	Request new project to revise SFF-8613, SFF-8643, SFF-8673	Jay Neer (Molex)