Draft Agenda -- SCSI Commands, Architecture, and Protocol Working Group
September 18, 2018 -- September 20, 2018
Colorado Springs, CO

Tuesday   9:00 am -- 5:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am -- 5:00 pm
Thursday  9:00 am -- 11:30 am
Schedule of topics (TBD)

1.   Opening Remarks
2.   Approval of Agenda
3.   Attendance and Membership
4.   SCSI Protocol Topics
4.1    SPL-4 Proposals
4.2    SPL-5 Proposals
4.2.1    SPL-5 - PAPTA_L Transition from A2 to Start (18-070r4) [Symons]
4.2.2    SPL-5 Deletable primitive insertion at connection (18-078r0) [Symons]
4.2.3    SPL-5 Transmitting Idle during SP13 (18-079r1) [Symons]
4.2.4    SPL-5 Revised definition for differential signal levels (18-091r0) [Symons]
4.2.5    SPL-5 Obsolete logical link rate text removal (18-092r0) [Symons]
4.2.6    SPL-5 SAS Scrambling in dword mode (18-094r1) [Symons]
4.2.7    SPL-5 Revised description of allowed expander topologies (18-093r0) [Symons]
4.3    SRP-2 Proposals
4.3.1    SRP-2 draft review [Breher]
5.   SCSI / ATA Translation Topics
5.1    SAT-5: Issues List (17-087r6) [Stevens]
5.2    SAT-5 Revise START STOP UNIT translation for inactive LBA 0 (18-077r2) [Houlder]
5.3    SAT-5 Start Stop Cycle Counter log translation (18-096r1) [Ballard]
6.   SCSI Architecture Model Topics
7.   Command Set Topics
7.1    SCSI Primary Commands Proposals
7.1.1    SPC-5 RFC ballot comment resolution (18-042r1) [Breher]
7.1.2    SPC-5: ASC for GAP ZONE ACCESS (18-099r1) [Weber]
7.1.3    SPC-6, SBC-4, SAM-6: More Specific Command Duration Limits (18-089r0) [Weber]
7.1.4    SPC-5 Add new option for MLU field in REPORT SUPPORTED OPERATION CODES (18-102r1) [Houlder]
7.1.5    SPC-5: ASC for WRITE POINTER RESET PROHIBITED IN REALM (18-110r0) [Weber]
7.2    SCSI Block Commands Proposals
7.2.1    SBC-4: Dual Actuator Informative Annex (18-074r2) [Weber]
7.3    Zoned Block Commands Proposals
7.3.1    ZBC-2: Issues List (17-088r2) [Stevens]
7.3.2    Zone Activation (18-037r1) [Stevens]
7.3.3    ZBC-2 Zone provisioned zoned block device (18-007r1) [Houlder]
7.4    SCSI Enclosure Services Proposals
7.5    SCSI Stream Commands Proposals
7.6    Other Proposals
8.   Old Business
9.   New Business
9.1    SRP-2 editorial errata (18-109r0) [Breher]
9.2    SPL-5 : SSP Frame Header (18-108r0) [Symons]
10.  Review of Working Drafts
11.  Review of Recommendations to the Plenary
12.  Meeting Schedule
13.  Adjournment