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15-010R0 2014/12/15 PMC-Sierra Patent Licensing Statement for T10 Standards Kurt Chan PDF (483395)
14-151R0 2012/01/13 Fusion-io patent statement re Atomic Writes SBC-3 SPC-4 Lance Smith PDF (206286)
14-110R0 2014/04/15 Patent Statement from FCI for T10 Project SFF-8643 + SFF-8644 (MiniSAS HD) Brent A. Peterman PDF (1336714)
14-063R0 2013/03/14 TE Connectivity Patent Statement and Licensing Declaration Licensing Counsel; TE Connectivity PDF (65244)
14-062R0 2013/02/04 TE Connectivity patent statement re SAS-3 Driscoll A. Nina PDF (50641)
12-377R0 2012/09/05 Foxconn Patent Licensing Statement for SAS-3 Glenn Moore PDF (48167)
12-370R0 2012/07/31 Molex Patent Statement re SAS-3 Stephen L. Sheldon PDF (291224)
11-406R0 2011/09/06 IBM Patent Statement re SSC-4 Marcia Courtemanche PDF (1461333)
11-405R0 2011/09/06 IBM Patent Statement re ADC-3 Marcia Courtemanche PDF (1388842)
11-202R0 2011/04/20 IBM Patent Statement Regarding ADT-2 Kevin Butt PDF (1470229)
11-159R0 2011/03/21 Tyco Patent Statement re SAS-2.1 connectors Helen Wolstoncroft PDF (1397004)
11-005R0 2010/11/30 IBM patent statement recinding T10/04-227r0 statement re OSD Marcia Courtemanche PDF (321253)
10-312R1 2010/11/15 INCITS Patent Statement (Foxconn) 10-08-13 Fred A. Fons TXT (876)
10-312R1 2010/11/15 INCITS Patent Statement (Foxconn) 10-08-13 Fred A. Fons PDF (177341)
10-312R0 2010/08/12 INCITS Patent Statement (Foxconn) 10-08-13 Fred A. Fons PDF (177341)
10-303R0 2010/09/15 Intel Patent Policy Mark Seidel PDF (14325)
10-107R0 2010/03/08 ClariPhy patent disclosure letter re SAS-2 and SAS-2.1 Norman L. Swenson PDF (130032)
09-321R0 2009/07/01 LSI Patent Licensing Statement for T10 SBC-3 and SPC-4 Standards Warren K. Waskiewicz PDF (252746)
09-259R0 2009/07/09 TE Patent Statement re 09-143r0 & 09-144r0 Scott Shuey MSG (1473024)
09-259R0 2009/07/09 TE Patent Statement re 09-143r0 & 09-144r0 Scott Shuey PDF (1402019)
09-223R0 2009/06/11 HP Patent Statement re ADT-2 Diana J. Dorr PDF (515602)
09-185R0 2009/05/05 Symantec Patent Disclosure - Bitmaps on Disk Roger Cummings PDF (163286)
08-400R0 2008/10/01 Patent statement from Microsoft re SBC-3 Peggy Moloney PDF (212253)
08-399R0 2008/10/01 Patent statement from IBM re SPC-4 Dr. W. Charlton Adams, Jr. PDF (170424)
08-333R0 2008/08/18 HP patent licensing statement re SSC-3 and ADI-3 Kevin Light PDF (27145)
08-242R0 2008/05/07 Pioneer patent licensing statement for T10 standards Kazumi Kuriyama PDF (241090)
08-189R0 2008/04/08 LSI ISO-IEC Patent Statement Warren Waskiewicz PDF (1319359)
07-516R0 2007/11/14 ANSI Patent Policy - Revised 2007 ANSI PDF (121882)
07-460R0 2007/10/23 LSI Patent Licensing Statement for T10 Standards Warren K. Waskiewicz PDF (183590)
07-123R0 2007/03/12 Patent Licensing Statement re T10 Standards from NeoScale Systems Andrew Moley PDF (179214)
07-079R0 2007/02/05 Crossroads Patent Notification re Access Controls Brian Bianchi PDF (94479)
06-300R0 2006/06/20 Patent disclosure re Foxconn patents on SFF-8482 connectors in SAS-1.1 and SAS-2 Elwood Parsons PDF (247390)
06-186R0 2006/04/04 Licensing availability of Molex patent re miniSAS connector Robert J. Zeitler PDF (31610)
06-149R0 2006/03/08 SAS patent disclosure by PMC-Sierra relating to distributed topology discovery Tim Symons PDF (21502)
06-102R0 2006/02/15 Patent disclosure re M-Systems patents on data access control and securing data Menahem Lasser PDF (373336)
06-063R0 2006/01/09 Molex patent letter re miniSAS connector license Robert J. Zeitler PDF (26980)
06-009R0 2005/11/18 Nero AG patent application re Timely Safe Recording (TSR) in MMC-5 Christian Melloh PDF (47241)
05-388R0 2005/10/25 LSI Logic patent disclosure re proposed SAT standard Sandeep Jaggi PDF (135665)
04-227R0 2004/07/13 IBM Patent Licensing Position for the INCITS T10 Committee on OSD George O. Penokie PDF (14836)
03-379R0 2003/10/29 Seagate Patent Disclosure Jim Coomes PDF (46106)
03-349R0 2003/10/13 Crossroads 035 Patent Letter Robert Griswold PDF (198975)
03-312R0 2003/09/08 QLogic patent letter on CRC Methodology Craig W. Carlson PDF (58299)
03-296R0 2003/09/02 Statement of patent holder re MMC-4 draft standard Keiji Katata PDF (48774)
03-293R0 2003/08/28 Agilent patent letter on CRC acceleration Martin Scott PDF (42969)
03-292R0 2003/08/28 Agilent patent letter on CRC 0x18bb7 Martin Scott PDF (35784)
03-288R0 2003/08/27 Patent Letter on SBP-3 from Maxtor Mark Evans PDF (55281)
03-241R0 2003/07/02 IBM Patent Licensing Position for the INCITS T10 Committee Ronald F. Silletti PDF (58673)
02-313R0 2002/04/18 HP Patent Position re Automation Drive Interface standards Ben Wilkinson PDF (46901)
02-195R0 2002/05/10 Brocade patent licensing policy Ronald Epstein PDF (89376)
02-099R0 2002/03/05 Bi-Directional Control Patent Disclosure Michael Banther PDF (34272)
02-066R0 2002/01/29 Crossroads 421 Patent Letter Robert Griswold PDF (72991)
02-036R0 2002/01/10 Quantum's patent policy for ADI standandards Paul Entzel PDF (3207)
02-033R0 2002/01/08 Crossroads 972 Patent Letter Robert Griswold PDF (73232)
01-059R0 2001/01/24 LSI Logic Patent Position re SCSI Domain Validation Technical Report William Wuertz PDF (172965)
01-049R0 2001/01/13 Patent statement regarding FCP-2 Neil Wanamaker PDF (24173)
01-041R0 2001/01/14 Intel Patent Policy (retracted in 10-303r0) Cris Simpson PDF (15210)
99-291R0 1999/04/14 Handy dandy Technical Committee's Patents Guide Gene Milligan PDF (19260)
99-220R0 1999/07/15 Information about US Patent # 4,633,350 Gene Milligan PDF (3101)
99-192R0 1999/05/11 Compaq patent position re US Patent 5,586,272 pertaining to SPI-2 Barry Blount PDF (31586)
99-138R0 1999/02/09 Patent Letter for SPI-3 from Adaptec Larry Lamers PDF (79838)
98-007R0 1998/01/26 Ltr. to Ken Bush (Compaq) re Security Patents J. Lohmeyer PDF (9187)
97-271R0 1997/11/03 Patent Letter on SBP-2 from Maxtor P. McLean PDF (29131)
97-257R0 1997/09/17 IBM Patent Licensing Position for SCC-2 G. Penokie PDF (34367)
97-143R0 1997/03/05 Digital Equipment Corp. SCAM Patent Disclosure C. Monia PDF (30569)
96-007R0 1995/11/29 ltr to John Lohmeyer re Compaq patent position on SMART proposed standard J. David Cabello PDF (83960)
95-290R0 1995/07/13 Letter regarding Seagate Patent Position G. Milligan PDF (13150)
95-158R0 1995/03/02 IBM Patent Licensing Position for SCC G. Penokie PDF (54898)
95-029R0 1995/05/19 ltr to Bill Galloway, Compaq Computer Corp., re patent 5,375,243 J. Lohmeyer PDF (5074)
95-011R0 1995/03/20 ltr to Stuart Mabon, Micropolis, re patent 5,191,584 J. Lohmeyer PDF (5200)
94-246R0 1994/01/25 Letter to ANSI on secure mode patents T. Burniece PDF (12964)
94-144R0 1994/07/15 Reference to patent rights ISO PDF (74393)
94-125R0 1994/04/13 Security Command Patent Policy Letter from IBM D. Bensimon PDF (34798)

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