[T10] Good news & Flight Delays

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at wdc.com
Tue Mar 21 20:42:33 PDT 2023

The good news is that the HTTPS SSL Certificate has been updated to have an expiration date in June, 2023 (yes, that's the way really secure SSL Certificates are handled these days). Nonetheless, there will be no grouchy web browsers complaining about t10.org SSL security.

Regrettably, a mountain of snow (which some see as paperwork) has delayed applying the software upgrades until next week.
  <Happy face> No t10.org downtime this week
  <Frowny face> Two to five hours of t10.org downtime at a TBD time next week

Good night Chet. Good night David. And, good night from NBC Nightly News.

All the best, .Ralph
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