[T10] SPC-6 INQ Version field shows value for SPC-5. Will there be a new number for SPC-6?

Michael Webster Mike.Webster at wdc.com
Mon Jan 23 10:13:10 PST 2023

SPC-6 version 7 dated January 21, 2023 still shows a code of 7 for Standard INQUIRY data VERSION field in Table 152 with a description of “The device server complies to this standard”, but code 7 was used for SPC-5.  Also, Table 155 has not assigned a Version Descriptor Value for SPC-6.

Please update SPC-6 for the following:

  *   In Table 152, add a new code to represent SPC-6 with the description text of “The device server complies to this standard”
  *   In Table 152, change the description text for code 7 to say something like “The device server complies to SPC-5”
  *   In Table 155, add a new Version Descriptor Value for SPC-6

Mike Webster

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