[T10] SPC-6 r07 is available for downloading

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at wdc.com
Sat Jan 21 10:19:38 PST 2023

SPC-6 r07 can be downloaded from T10.org using the following link:

SPC-6 r07 incorporates all T10-approved proposals to date (see subclause III.8 in the Revision History for details).

In addition...
- All editor's notes have been removed and answers to the notes are provided in III.8.
- Dozens of editorial changes have been made.

Perhaps the most significant editorial change that doesn't affect SPC-6 text is a set of FrameMaker manipulations that restore a T10 requirement for the descriptions of the fields in data structure table appear after the table (not on some random previous or future page selected by FrameMaker). The changes made SPC-6 r07 more readable for those who've read SCSI standards for decades, but they also add the equivalent of ~20 pages of previously absent white space throughout the body of the working draft.

Please send report about any SPC-6 r07 editorial issues to ralph.weber at wdc.com<mailto:ralph.weber at wdc.com> and/or roweber at ieee.org<mailto:roweber at ieee.org>.

Enjoy, .Ralph

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