[T10] Deprecation phase?

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We do also require the use of “obsolete” in a PUBLISHED version, before we can change it to “reserved” in a PUBLISHED version, before we can reuse that code.

So our policy requires a minimum of 2 PUBLISHED version of the standard before we can reuse it.  And that typically takes a very long time.

This is just an unwritten T10 policy, not an INCITS policy.


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Further, ‘obsolete’ doesn’t quite mean ‘don’t do that’, so much as ’this is on its way out (i.e., deprecated) - if you want to use it, you need to look at a previous version of the standard for the definition:

3.3.5 obsolete
keyword indicating that an item was defined in prior SCSI standards but has been removed from this standard
(SPC-5 r22)
Eventually, the status of a thing might move to using fields which get redefined as ‘reserved’ - that's the ‘don’t do that’ directive.
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T10 doesn’t use ‘deprecated’ but for these the committee felt that something like that was needed and started the process many years ago.  I didn’t look to see how many years back but I know it was quite a few.

The following statement is an example from the MODE SELECT 6 command description:
“Implementations should migrate from the MODE SELECT(6) command to the MODE SELECT(10) command.”

A corresponding statement is in MODE SENSE 6.

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I see Gerry Houlder starting a discussion about making 6-byte MODE SENSE and MODE SELECT obsolete.

Does T10 (or ANSI) have any policy about having a Deprecation phase?

In other words do features move from "Supported" directly to "Obsolete" in one move or is there a defined "Deprecation" state where the feature remains but is disapproved for a period of time (e.g., one year) to give users a warning that they should avoid the feature because it will soon become obsolete?

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