[T10] Clarification requested for the detection of END_TRAIN in Train-TX Speed Negotiation Window

Lana Chan lana at cadence.com
Thu May 6 11:38:22 PDT 2021

I am seeking clarification regarding END_TRAIN in Train-Tx Speed Negotiation Window in the Physical Layer in which the  Train-Tx comprises of the exchange of Transmitter Training Pattern between two SAS devices.

Per the Working Draft SAS Protocol Layer - 4 (spl4r11), Section - Transmitter training,  the transmitter training pattern comprises of the following

[cid:image001.jpg at 01D7426C.50B1CDD0]

Can you please provide clarification for the following scenario:

  1.  Receiver does detect the END_TRAIN and TTIU received is considered as valid.
  2.  Receiver does not detect the END_TRAIN and still considered the received TTIU.
  3.  Receiver does not detect the END_TRAIN and discarded the received TTIU.

As per our understanding receiver discarded the TTIU, If END_TRAIN is not detected (point-3). We are not agreeing to point-2. Please let us know which scenario is valid.

Kind regards

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