[T10] Revision uploaded for UFS-inspired zone-size enhancement to ZBC-2

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at wdc.com
Wed Jul 21 08:30:25 PDT 2021

Based on issues raised during the July CAP confab, a new revision of 21-081 has been uploaded to made the following modifications...

  *   Added a Reporting Options codepoint for "Report all zone types except gap zones".
  *   Added a paragraph to the Format Operations model to say that, even while the ZONE STARTING LBA GRANULARITY will be maintained by a format, the sizes of individual zones may change.
  *   Added copies of the VPD Page ZONE STARTING LBA GRANULARITY field and the ZONE STARTING LBA ALIGNMENT field to the Format Presets VPD page so that the FORMAT WITH PRESETS command covers the top-level factors that are introduced by the proposal.
For details see: https://www.t10.org/cgi-bin/ac.pl?t=d&f=21-081r1.pdf

All the best,
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