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Then I found the right rabbit eventually.

My point on flash technology was only related to JEDEC's UFS (JESD 220e), as a puzzling originator for this proposal. Quite the wrong rabbit hole.

I have $0.25 burning a virtual hole in a virtual pocket to bet that the authors of JESD 220e do not care about T10 ZBC related proposals.

I was not asking for changes, just clarity, and I think we are there.

Thank you for the clarification,

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Regarding the "ordered" a,b list... Although much of the motivation is beyond what my aging grey matter can fully comprehend, I am under the strong impression that the "ordered" list can only be corrected by adding an additional entry:
"c) all of the above"
Thankfully, my meager efforts in T10 are buttressed by a multitude of experts in a wide variety of storage technology, operation systems, and mobile devices.

With respect to the "mobile focused device feature optimization (largely used for Flash technology)" observation... Perhaps it would not be talking too far out of school to note that:

  *   NVMe is optimized for ... Flash technology; and
  *   NVMe Zoned Namespaces (kissing cousins of ZBC-2 devices) are intended to improve the performance of support for Flash technology.

In summary, there seems to be a very good possibility that you are chasing the right rabbit down the right rabbit hole.

All the best,

On 7/10/2021 5:12 PM, John Geldman wrote:


I read the introduction to 21-081 and got myself a bit confused about context.

I suspect my racing focus may have followed the wrong rabbit down the wrong rabbit hole.

There are at least two possible contexts for a reference to UFS for SCSI:

1.       UFS: mobile devices that use the SCSI specifications (pre-final SAM-5/SPC-4/SBC-3 context (currently my overdue action to repair to final, mea culpa)); and

2.       UFS: UNIX File System.

(for me this is more of an ordered list 8-)

I was struggling with the incongruity of adding a mobile focused device feature optimization (largely used for Flash technology) to a data center focused interface specification (largely used for HDD technology) when my focus resolved, revealing that there might be multiple bouncy balls to follow.

21-081 is referencing the UNIX File system, correct?

Thank you,


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SAT-5: Document the HRDRMACT bit for microcode download mode 0Eh

(by: Ralph Weber)

T10/21-071r1   Uploaded: 2021/07/08   73025 bytes


ZBC-2: Adding Zone Capacities that are different from Zone Lengths

(by: Ralph Weber)

T10/21-081r0   Uploaded: 2021/07/07   101216 bytes


SPL-5: TTIU decoding

(by: Tim Symons)

T10/21-088r0   Uploaded: 2021/07/07   251729 bytes


ZBC-2: Demystifying Zone Type Code Points

(by: Ralph Weber)

T10/21-092r0   Uploaded: 2021/07/09   69639 bytes


Working Drafts


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