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I read the introduction to 21-081 and got myself a bit confused about context.

I suspect I may have followed the wrong rabbit down the wrong rabbit hole.

There are at least two possible contexts for a reference to UFS for SCSI:

a)       UFS: mobile devices that use the SCSI specifications (pre-final SAM-5/SPC-4/SBC-3 context (currently my overdue action to repair to final, mea culpa)); and

b)      UFS: UNIX File System.

I was struggling with the incongruity of adding a mobile focused device feature optimization (largely for Flash technology) to a data center focused interface specification (largely for HDD technology) when focus revealed that there might be multiple bouncy balls to follow.

21-081 is referencing the UNIX File system, correct?

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SAT-5: Document the HRDRMACT bit for microcode download mode 0Eh

(by: Ralph Weber)

T10/21-071r1   Uploaded: 2021/07/08   73025 bytes


ZBC-2: Adding Zone Capacities that are different from Zone Lengths

(by: Ralph Weber)

T10/21-081r0   Uploaded: 2021/07/07   101216 bytes


SPL-5: TTIU decoding

(by: Tim Symons)

T10/21-088r0   Uploaded: 2021/07/07   251729 bytes


ZBC-2: Demystifying Zone Type Code Points

(by: Ralph Weber)

T10/21-092r0   Uploaded: 2021/07/09   69639 bytes


Working Drafts


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