[T10] T10 F2F Meeting

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For what it is worth, my wife thanks you too...


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Thank you for leading the effort to work towards face-to-face meeting using the "hybrid" format sanctioned by INCITS since last summer. Likewise, thank you for taking latest stampeding bull by the horns, wrestling hard with the beast, and ultimately making a painful decision that nonetheless serves the best interests of T10 members.

Happy holidays,

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Due to the changing political climate regarding COVID, Vaccinations, Masking, and travel, I think it is best to cancel the F2F component of this meeting.  The meeting will happen as scheduled by teleconference only.

Curtis E. Stevens
Seagate Technology

E-Mail: Curtis.Stevens at Seagate.com<mailto:Curtis.Stevens at Seagate.com>
Phone: 949-307-5050

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