[T10] SBC-5r0 posted

Bill Martin bill.martin at samsung.com
Thu Apr 8 12:17:51 PDT 2021

ANSI editing of SBC-4 has completed. I have reviewed their edits and have generated and posted SBC-5r0. I will now start the process of incorporating approved proposals. The 8 proposals that I have to incorporate are:

20-054r0 as modified (20-054r1) (SBC-5, ZBC-2: Obsolete the ZONED field) [Weber];
20-030r0 (SBC-5: Define zone domains and realms schema type) [Weber];
20-049r0 as modified (20-049r1) (SBC-4 Add multi-actuator bit to Block Device VPD page) [Houlder];
20-052r0 as modified (20-052r1) (SBC-4 Add depopulation revocation codes for GET PHYSICAL HEALTH STATUS command) [Houlder];
19-129r2 as modified (19-129r3) (SBC-5: Informative Annex for W-LUNs Dual-Actuator Support) [Weber];
20-099r1 as modified (20-099r2) (ZBC-2 SBC-5 SPC-6: REMOVE ELEMENT AND MODIFY ZONES) [Weber];
20-089r1 as modified (20-089r2) (SBC-5 Create Concurrent Positioning Ranges VPD page) [Houlder]; and
20-085r4 as modified (20-085r5) (SPC-6 SBC-5 SAT-5 Translate the Command Duration Limits T2 mode pages) [Houlder].

If you have another proposal that you believe was approved over the last 12 months for incorporation into SBC-5, please let me know.

Bill Martin

Chair INCITS T10
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NVMe Board of Directors
SSD I/O Standards
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