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Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at wdc.com
Thu Oct 8 12:52:42 PDT 2020


The above link (try getting "above" in a T10 working draft) will download r0 of the T10 Style Guide 5th Edition.

In keeping with the tradition for most working drafts, r0 of the Style Guide is a newly built copy of the published T10 Style Guide 4th Edition. Only the names have been changed in r0 (mostly, but not entirely, on page headers and footers). FWIW A couple of under-the-covers FrameMaker mechanics were modernized too, but these are not visible in the r0 PDF file.

As has been true in the past, changes will be made to the T10 Style Guide 5th Edition *only* in response to approved proposals or obvious editorial tweaks (like getting the names and contact information correct for the T10 officers).

In CAP, I anticipate that change proposals will appear in the New Business section of the agenda (which is where the Style Guide itself is listed).

Break out your proposal drafting tools and help make the T10 Style Guide 5th Edition a modern guidebook for T10 Working Drafts.

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