[T10] Observation about SBC-4 Annex H

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I agree in principle with Ralph, but I would prefer to not hold this up for the ordering of the Annexes and address that in an early revision of SBC-5. The letter ballot will hopefully start soon and it is up to the members to decide if they wish to address this prior to second public review and delay second public review to some time after the next T10 plenary meeting.

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IMHO, If the ANSI Editor sees no problem with publishing SBC-4 as shown in r22, then my preference would be to avoid a third public review by leaving the SBC-4 annexes as they are in the SBC-4 working draft that T10 has forwarded to INCITS. If an organization that is called upon to cast a Letter Ballot vote on the proposed second public review for SBC-4 chooses to No-vote the ballot and request that the annex be moved, however, then that would be a different kettle of fish.

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On 10/6/2020 5:11 PM, Gerry Houlder wrote:
I observe that Annex H in SBC-4 says that it is normative. Annexes B through G are all informative. I thought we had a rule that normative annexes had to be in the early letters (i.e., the only other normative annex is Annex A). If that rule is still true, Annex H should either be changed to informative or it should be move to become annex B.

Any comment from the T10 editors?


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