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No SAS PHY meeting is planned.

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An additional discussion to a subset of T10 members has also been going on. Due to that discussion, I have the following response:

1)      INCITS has placed a STRONG recommendation (should) on conference calls for meetings through this time – see attached email from INCITS

a.       I will be providing a zoom meeting announcement for the meeting week

2)      I fully expect that travel restrictions will prevent us from holding a face-to-face meeting, but I am not intending to make a final announcement on this until after the T13 meeting in April

3)      I agree that having a face-to-face meeting with conference call  is less than optimal and that long meetings are less than optimal; however, IF travel restrictions are miraculously lifted (both governmental and corporate), we may do this in order to facilitate the face-to-face discussions (I see this as a VERY long shot)

4)      I believe  that we can begin our meeting by determining time windows for discussion of specific topics to allow those who wish to participate to determine their participation window

5)      I do intend to continue our time window as if we were in Texas, which means starting at 7AM Pacific time. (this allows pseudo reasonable timeframes for both east and west coast participants 7 – 3 PDT; 10 – 6 EDT)

The amount of discussion that this has elicited over the weekend seems excessive, and it has taken me a full 30 minutes to try to wade through all of the email. I hope that this answers the questions and concerns over the May T10 meeting.

Bill Martin

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This suggestion was considered and dismissed. It seemed ridiculously unfair to put the T13 chair on such a hot-seat without his permission. All the best, .Ralph

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To all,

I suggest that we all watch how the T13 meeting in April goes to determine what the appropriate course of action should be.

T13 has scheduled 2 full days of telecon. It should be 'interesting'.

Thank You !!!
Jim Hatfield
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Subject: [T10] T10 Plenary meeting via WebEx

The current Jeopardy discussion on this reflector reminds me that a few salient observations regarding T10 Plenary meetings might be worthwhile.

As many observers have noted, CAP meetings are not easily ported to WebEx.

·         WebEx does not support four persons yelling at each other simultaneously.

·         WebEx tends to make playing Solitaire a comparatively inconsequential distraction, compared to the dog eating one’s keyboard.

·         Few participants have found an eight-hour WebEx conducive to useful information transfer, with two-hour WebEx meetings frequently being cited as the functional max.

Given this background, consider the situation with a T10 Plenary.

·         A two-hour T10 Plenary is considered by many (including the chair) to be excessively long.

·         There is only one presenter (i.e., the vice-chair drives the projector, nee WebEx for the entire meeting).

·         Aside from splitting some CAP documents into separate motions, the discussion from the floor is nil (limited primarily to making and seconding motions).

·         Shouting matches are few and far between (once every 18+ months, it seems).

·         Although some of the content is not spell-binding, the rapidity with which the agenda is processed limits an attendee’s ability to multi-task during the brief time when the Plenary is in session.

In a nutshell, a T10 Plenary is a perfect candidate for its own (separate link) WebEx meeting.

Who knows! Maybe the May T10 Plenary success will motivate T13 to form a Working Group/Plenary pair for its meeting weeks too (i.e., devotees travel to the site, merely-interested parties connect to the Plenary WebEx).

All the best,


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