[T10] T10 Plenary meeting via WebEx

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at wdc.com
Sat Mar 28 16:27:13 PDT 2020

The current Jeopardy discussion on this reflector reminds me that a few salient observations regarding T10 Plenary meetings might be worthwhile.

As many observers have noted, CAP meetings are not easily ported to WebEx.

  *   WebEx does not support four persons yelling at each other simultaneously.
  *   WebEx tends to make playing Solitaire a comparatively inconsequential distraction, compared to the dog eating one's keyboard.
  *   Few participants have found an eight-hour WebEx conducive to useful information transfer, with two-hour WebEx meetings frequently being cited as the functional max.

Given this background, consider the situation with a T10 Plenary.

  *   A two-hour T10 Plenary is considered by many (including the chair) to be excessively long.
  *   There is only one presenter (i.e., the vice-chair drives the projector, nee WebEx for the entire meeting).
  *   Aside from splitting some CAP documents into separate motions, the discussion from the floor is nil (limited primarily to making and seconding motions).
  *   Shouting matches are few and far between (once every 18+ months, it seems).
  *   Although some of the content is not spell-binding, the rapidity with which the agenda is processed limits an attendee's ability to multi-task during the brief time when the Plenary is in session.

In a nutshell, a T10 Plenary is a perfect candidate for its own (separate link) WebEx meeting.

Who knows! Maybe the May T10 Plenary success will motivate T13 to form a Working Group/Plenary pair for its meeting weeks too (i.e., devotees travel to the site, merely-interested parties connect to the Plenary WebEx).

All the best,


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