[T10] Attendance at the 3/12 plenary

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at wdc.com
Sat Mar 28 12:27:50 PDT 2020

The Jeopardy Policy *is* an INCITS policy.

Per INCITS Policy (as I remember it, Bill can correct me), the only thing that T10 members can do is as follows...

During any plenary when one or more member's Voting status is in Jeopardy, Voting T10 members can move, second, and approve a motion that waives the change in Voting status for specifically names T10 members that are in Jeopardy.

FWIW In one T10 Plenary, such a motion was made on behalf of a T10 member who was the sole representative for her company and who was with child.

All the best,


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I believe several members cancelled their trips due to well-known safety concerns (whether from personal concern or from a corporate policy) at the time.
I believe our Jeopardy policy is 'our' policy, not an INCITS policy.

At the next plenary, I intend to make a motion that the 3/12 plenary meeting not be considered in our ongoing Jeopardy considerations.
Is this a reasonable accommodation?

(I think we can discuss email without a second...)

Thank you,

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