[T10] Announcement: SSC-5 Committee Review Ballot conference call April 1 1-3 PDT

Ballard, Curtis C (HPE Storage) curtis.ballard at hpe.com
Sat Mar 14 10:22:17 PDT 2020

The committee review ballot for SSC-5 closed last month.  There were 135 comments of which 48 have been identified as potentially technical.  I tried to mark all comments as potentially technical if I felt that there would be any interest in discussing whether the change was correct even when I felt the change was relatively obvious.  Document 20-029r1 has all of the potentially technical comments marked: http://www.t10.org/cgi-bin/ac.pl?t=d&f=20-029r1.pdf

The committee worked on the comments during the available time during the recent plenary week but only a few were able to be resolved.  We've scheduled a conference call for further discussion.

This meeting is scheduled for Wednesday April 1, 2020 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM PDT.  The conference call information follows.

Those interested in the SSC-5 standard should take a look through the comments that are not marked as technical and come to the meeting with input on any that I haven't flagged for discussion that they would like discussed.

Curtis Ballard
INCITS/T10 SSC-5 Editor


SSC-5 RFC Comment resolution


If you can't use the web for voice, you can have webex call you.

Or you can Join by phone
1-844-531-0958 United States Toll Free
Access code: 929 503 505
I don't know if the webex address showed in the invite, so I also included it in the description

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