[T10] Please review 20-002r1 and report to Bill Martin

John Geldman John.Geldman at kioxia.com
Thu Mar 12 10:52:02 PDT 2020

I've snuck in some review, and I'll confess with half attention during my meetings this morning.

I am ok with the changes in 4.11.1 (I prefer this new language) and 5.29.1 (I am missing the essential benefit of the new text, but I don't object to it).

However, I am troubled with the removal of the [abcd] list in 4.11.4. Information such as the use of a Zone Condition of OFFLINE to replace the deallocate functionality of conventional doesn't exist anywhere else. I believe there was a baby in that bath water.

So as a whole (as we normally process proposals), I do not approve of 20-002r1.


From: Bill Martin <bill.martin at samsung.com>
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To: John Geldman <John.Geldman at kioxia.com>; Ralph Weber <Ralph.Weber at wdc.com>
Subject: RE: Please review 20-002r1 and report to Bill Martin


Can you let me know before I get on my plane at 1:00 PDT? That way I can incorporate during my flight time today. If not, I will incorporate this last and wait for your response.

Thank you,

Bill Martin
Chair INCITS T10
Co-Chair SNIA Technical Council
SSD I/O Standards
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Subject: RE: Please review 20-002r1 and report to Bill Martin

Good Morning,

I did a crazy thing and took the evening off from email. This morning I have NVMe and PCI-SIG meetings from 7 AM to 11 AM (Pacific).
Meeting this time request for 9 AM (Pacific) is going to be difficult. I'll have half an eye on it and we'll see when it gets done.


From: Ralph Weber <Ralph.Weber at wdc.com<mailto:Ralph.Weber at wdc.com>>
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2020 7:14 PM
To: John Geldman <John.Geldman at kioxia.com<mailto:John.Geldman at kioxia.com>>
Cc: William Martin <bill.martin at ssi.samsung.com<mailto:bill.martin at ssi.samsung.com>>
Subject: Please review 20-002r1 and report to Bill Martin


The CAP Working Group has asked me to request your review of:

SBC-4: Rebalance ZNR requirements with ZBC-2 (and SATA)

Ralph Weber


To the extent possible, CAP insists that you notify Bill that the incorporation of the changes in 20-002r1 is acceptable to you (e.g., that you would have voted for the proposal had you been in Palm Beach to do so).

Bill has indicted that he has a unique opportunity to build SBC-4 r19 between noon Thursday and noon Friday. So, your prompt attention to the two pages in 20-002r1 will greatly expedite the publication of SBC-4. Hopefully, you can help make this happen.

All the best,

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