[T10] Revisiting the RMB (Removable Medium) bit definition

Michael Webster Mike.Webster at wdc.com
Fri Jul 17 10:30:01 PDT 2020

I would expect a USB memory stick to report RMB=0 and ejection causes the whole device to be removed from the operating system’s driver stack.  Afterward, such an ejected device would require an unplug/re-plug for the device to respond to anything on USB.

Unless that USB memory stick included a slot for media (e.g. an SD slot) then I would expect the USB memory stick to report RMB=1 and ejection would only cause the device to remove the media, the device would remain in the operating system’s driver stack, and the device would begin reporting CHECK CONDITION, NOT READY, MEDIUM NOT PRESENT for TEST UNIT READY.

Mike Webster
Western Digital

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We had this descussion during the original specification development.  For USB, the device controller is removed along with the media.  There is nothing present to respond with an RMB bit.  If however, you plug in a USB floppy, you can have an RMB bit that enables eject function reporting.

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Subject: Re: [T10] Revisiting the RMB (Removable Medium) bit definition

I concur with Curtis and Paul.

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I agree with Curtis about the need to be able to report NOT READY, MEDIUM NOT PRESENT. I’ve worked on both SSC and SBC devices like that.



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That bit is used with tape drives and was used with SCSI magneto optical drives, DVD drives, etc.

Even system I’ve used with that bit set to one, and I’ve worked with several devices from different manufacturers that set that bit to one, only use it in reference to the media with no device server disruption other than the expected Unit Attention condition transitions as the media is removed and re-loaded.

SCSI devices should only set that bit to one if they are able to report an 02h/3Ah/00h – NOT READY, MEDIUM NOT PRESENT

Curtis Ballard

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Subject: [T10] Revisiting the RMB (Removable Medium) bit definition

Regarding the Standard INQUIRY data RMB bit, SPC-6 r02 says…

“A removable medium (RMB) bit set to zero indicates that the medium is not removable. A RMB bit set to one indicates that the medium is removable.”

An interesting debate has developed regarding whether a USB “memory stick” is an RMB=0 or an RMB=1 device.

One wag has suggested that the RMB bit definition be conditionalized on the presence/absence of a coincident Logical Unit Reset condition or I_T Nexus Loss condition, something along the lines of…

“A removable medium (RMB) bit set to zero indicates that the medium is not removable without resulting in a Logical Unit Reset condition (see SAM-6) or an I_T Nexus Loss condition (see SAM-6). A RMB bit set to one indicates that the medium is removable with no concurrent Logical Unit Reset condition or I_T Nexus Loss condition.”

How says the T10 body politic?


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