[T10] Updated Domains & Realms (19-032r4) proposal posted

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at wdc.com
Thu Sep 5 09:28:38 PDT 2019

I have posted an interim revision of 19-032 (r4, specifically) because a sufficient amount of "interesting" changes are contained therein.

Included in this revision are:

  *   changes requested during the 16 August WebEx;
  *   the OPEN|CLOSE|... command changes (+/- whatever results from the ongoing review);
  *   the zone state machine diagram;
  *   the updated zone state machine operations definitions; and
  *   I can't remember how much related riff raff.

Known to be MIA in r4 are:

  *   Updated State Definitions in the ZC State Machine
  *   Updated Extensions to SBC-4 subclauses
  *   Tweaks to Zone Attributes subclauses
  *   Tweaks, if any, to general write pointer zones model

I expect to keep working on these between now and the beginning of CAP next Tuesday. So, an r5 must be just around the corner.

All the best,

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