[T10] Difficulty forming an ATA PASS-THROUGH(12) for READ_SECTOR(S)

Aaron Bufkin bufkin at marvell.com
Thu May 30 13:06:54 PDT 2019


I am trying to create a proper ATA PASS-THROUGH(12) packet with a SATA READ_SECTOR(S) command.  I am using the sg_raw tool.  I am able to create a WRITE_SECTOR(S) command and read back the data with a READ_DMA command.  My READ_SECTOR(S) packet is identical to the WRITE_SECTOR(S) packet with the exceptions of the T_DIR bit, COMMAND field (20h for the read, 30h for the write), and the PROTOCOL (PIO Data-In vs PIO Data-Out).  Does this sound like the correct approach?


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