[T10] Welcome to Shakopee for the July T10 meeting

Gerry Houlder gerry.houlder at seagate.com
Mon Jul 15 08:54:47 PDT 2019

This email provides information about Shakopee for the upcoming July T10

I have pre-registered a number of folks  that are frequent T10 meeting
attendees for the Seagate guest internet service. This has resulted in a n
email to those folks stating that they are now registered. This is not a
phishing email (as at least one person suspected) and doesn't require you
to do anything until you have arrived at the Seagate facility.

Here are some suggestions for lunch: The Seagate cafeteria is allowed but
need to have Seagate employee escort. I can arrange if desired.
1-2 block walk

   - Muddy Cow restaurant
   - McDonalds
   - Culvers restuarant

3-4 block walk

   - Ruby Tuesday restaurant
   - Qdoba mexican
   - Thai Tempo

Hwy 169 and Marshall road (2 miles)

   - Applebees
   - Arbys
   - Hong Kong Buffet
   - Sapporo Japanese restaurant
   - Taco Johns
   - Taco Bell
   - Dairy Queen

Hwy 169 and County Road 21 (3.5 miles)

   - Subway
   - Arbys
   - Dairy Queen
   - Far East Restaurant
   - Panera Restaurant
   - Chipotle
   - Chilis
   - Five Guys
   - Starbucks
   - Copper Pint (Shakopee's newest restaurant -- longer wait times)
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