[T10] Pioneer closes Mt. Fuji activity

Keiji Katata keiji_katata at post.pioneer.co.jp
Mon Apr 15 22:39:30 PDT 2019

Dear all,

I would like to announce that Pioneer closes its Mt. Fuji activity.
Pioneer hosts Mt. Fuji reflector server.
Then Pioneer will close the reflector soon.

Personally speaking, I has moved from Home Audio Visual department to another last year.
So I also closes my Mt. Fuji activity too.

I posted Adobe FrameMaker source files of Mt. Fuji specification to ftp as follows;

The Mt. Fuji activity began at Feb. 1996 in Tokyo hosted by Western Digital Corporation.
The specification includes CD/DVD/BD optical disc behavior models and ODD device command set.
So many number of people contributed for the specification creation.
I give deep appreciation to all people.

Pioneer keeps the Mt. Fuji ftp server for the present.
So please download your necessary files from the ftp.

Thank you all and regards,

Keiji Katata
Pioneer Corp.
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