[T10] STP connections : SPL-5 Specification queries : Expander phys forwarding dwords

Mansi Chadha mansi.chadha at synopsys.com
Thu Oct 11 05:34:55 PDT 2018


This is regarding a query on the below section of spl5r04:

6.5.4 Expander phys forwarding dwords and deletable extended binary primitives
matching (see 6.17). During an STP connection, the expander device shall:
a) preserve the incoming rate of any additional deletable primitives or deletable extended binary
primitives that it receives that are not discarded because of physical link rate tolerance management
or rate matching (e.g., the 1/128 deletable primitives received from an originating STP initiator phy
compliant with SAS-1.1 for STP initiator phy throttling); or
b) transmit one deletable primitive within every 128 dwords, without discarding any data dwords or

Please confirm if above spec section means as below:
Inside STP connection an expander should periodically send 1/128 dwords in addition to ALIGNs for rate matching & physical link rate tolerance mgmt
link rate of 1.5G bit/s : 2 deletable in 128dword window is required (1 for physical link rate tolerance management and other 1 additionally for above case Sec 6.5.4 point #b ) ?
and so on...

Please confirm and elaborate the above mentioned section of SPL spec spl5r04.
Will appreciate a quick response.

Thanks and Regards,

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