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James C Hatfield james.c.hatfield at seagate.com
Tue Jun 12 12:46:53 PDT 2018

To all,

Western Digital and Seagate have just delivered to T13.org the first
converged draft of the Zone Domains feature set. On schedule, as promised.


There are over 100 editors notes, so we will have plenty to discuss in our
1.5 days of discussion.

It is 115 pages. Yes: it is long, but there is very much to be added, and
very much to be changed.

Yes: there are numerous editorial issues. We know about them and will
handle them in the background. Please DO NOT bother to make comments about
them at this time - it is just noise.

Please concentrate your reviewing efforts on the substantive issues, and on
recommendations for the numerous TBDs and editor notes.

Thank You !!!
Jim Hatfield
Seagate Technology LLC
   e-mail:  James.C.Hatfield at seagate.com
   s-mail:  389 Disc Drive;  Longmont, CO 80503 USA
   voice:  720-684-2120
   fax....: 720-684-2711
   cell...: 720-771-8914
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