[T10] FW: Notes from 24G SAS Plugfest Non-NDA Call #2 - April 11, 2018

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Subject: Notes from 24G SAS Plugfest Non-NDA Call #2 - April 11, 2018

Kaveh Afshari / Microsemi
Amit Bakshi / Teledyne LeCroy
Chris Cheng / HPE
Paul Coddington / Amphenol
Fred Fons / Foxconn
Alex Haser / Molex
Jesse Jaramillo / Amphenol
Nitin Jhanwar / Tektronix
JK / Microsemi
Mike Klempa / UNH-IOL
Michael Koffman / WD, SAS Plugfest Chair
Rick Kutcipal / Broadcom
John Lynch / Lotes
Jeff Mason / TE
Greg McSorley / Amphenol
Chet Mercado / WD
Raghav / Amphenol
Jason Rusch / Viavi
Scott Shuey / Luxshare-ICT
Steven Smith / WD
Tim Symons / Microsemi
Jeremiah Tussey / Microsemi
Kevin Vernon / Lenovo
David So / STA


  *   At Michael Koffman’s request to recap how we got to where we are today, I presented a slide deck (attached as a PDF) that was presented at a 24G SAS Plugfest Call for Interest on January 3, 2018. Fourteen (14) different companies responded to the initial plugfest survey back in October 2017, and 10 of those companies were interested in a plugfest in either Q3 or Q4 2018. As a result, STA decided to hold a Call for Interest to further gauge interest in a Q4 2018 plugfest given certain stipulations, as shown in the slide deck. I mentioned that 11 of 20-21 companies who responded to the Call for Interest would likely participate in a Q4 plugfest. (Correction: I misspoke on yesterday’s call trying to recall the numbers. I actually received a total of 20 responses representing 18 different companies.) Ultimately, STA decided that the overall results of the Call for Interest were somewhat inconclusive. Hence, these non-NDA calls to begin discussions about the types of tests, methodologies, and the level of testing that we think could be accomplished at a Q4 plugfest.

  *   Jeremiah reviewed Microsemi’s slide deck from the previous non-NDA planning call on March 28. Those slides are also attached.

  *   Some discussion followed about the need for SI testing of cables, similar to the testing that was done prior to the first 12Gb/s SAS plugfest. UNH-IOL is willing to provide assistance with this.

  *   There was a question about whether fairness would be tested. While it certainly could be included in the test plan, we would need broader participation from a variety of companies with products spanning the ecosystem, with enough expanders and end devices to reach a congestion point.
Action Items

  *   For all companies interested in a Q4 plugfest - Once again, please think about other features/tests that your companies would like to see covered. If anyone would like to give a brief presentation on such features/tests during the next call, please let me or Michael Koffman (michael.koffman at wdc.com<mailto:michael.koffman at wdc.com>) know by no later than Wednesday, April 18.

  *   If we receive any responses to the above action item, we will schedule a third non-NDA call for Wednesday, April 25. Otherwise, I will send out one last brief survey regarding interest in a Q4 2018 plugfest.

  *   Based on the above, STA will make a final determination during May T10 week in Austin whether to host a Q4 plugfest. If the decision is “no,” then the first 24G SAS Plugfest will most likely occur in Q2 2019.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.



David S. So
Marketing Manager
SCSI Trade Association
dso at scsita.org<mailto:dso at scsita.org>
719-439-3990 (cell)

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