[T10] SPC-5 RFC comment resolution

Joe Breher Joe.Breher at wdc.com
Tue Apr 3 12:57:06 PDT 2018

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Options to Join this Meeting

>From any computer or mobile device, Click to Join WebEx.<https://wdc.webex.com/wdc/j.php?MTID=m33edd87961aa427f7f3d6131a3a89376>

>From any video conference unit, enter "54 642 481 163" from remote or touch panel.

Meeting password: 4287436673 (42874366 from phones)

Toll and Toll free numbers are billed at a higher per minute rate. Follow the below instructions for cost effective conferencing.
1. Click link above to join WebEx meeting.
2. Once you are in the meeting, click the Phone icon and select 'Call Me'.
3. Enter your full number, starting with country code followed by remaining digits. The system will then place a call to that number.

If you are unable to use WebEx 'Call Me' or 'Call Using Computer' features, use the following dial in numbers:

Join by phone
+1-408-717-7733 USA Toll
Meeting Number: 642 481 163

Global call-in numbers<https://wdc.webex.com/cmp3100/webcomponents/widget/globalcallin/globalcallin.do?serviceType=MC&serviceType=MC&serviceType=MC&serviceType=MC&ED=490729287&ED=490729287&ED=490729287&ED=490729287&tollFree=1&tollFree=1&tollFree=1&tollFree=1&siteurl=wdc&siteurl=wdc&siteurl=wdc&apiname=globalcallin.php&apiname=globalcallin.php&apiname=globalcallin.php&needFilter=false&needFilter=false&needFilter=false&rnd=0706633090&rnd=0706633090&rnd=0706633090&actappname=cmp3100&actappname=cmp3100&actname=/webcomponents/widget/globalcallin/gcnredirector.do&actname=/webcomponents/widget/globalcallin/gcnredirector.do&renewticket=0>

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