[T10] Want more details about how BACKGROUND CONTROL command is supposed to operate

Gerry Houlder gerry.houlder at seagate.com
Wed Sep 6 10:28:03 PDT 2017

I have several questions about how the BACKGROUND CONTROL command is
intended to operate.

1) clause 4.33 discusses processing of BACKGROUND CONTROL command and gives
three events that cause the termination of background operations, one of
which is receipt of another BACKGROUND CONTROL command. Does this mean that
the device server always completes the BACKGROUND CONTROL command with GOOD
status before starting any background operations (e.g., they are always
done in background mode and never in foreground mode, where the opeations
are performed before returning status for the command)?

2) Once the operations have started in the background, what is the expected
behavior if another command (other than BACKGROUND CONTROL) is received?
There currently is no guidance except for receipt of a BACKGROUND CONTROL
command. If a read command (for instance) is received, does this terminate
the background operation or does it suspend the background operation and
allow it to resume for its allotted time after that command completes?
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