[T10] SPL-5r00 uploaded and SPL-5r01 will be uploaded shortly

Tim Symons tim.symons at microsemi.com
Tue Oct 24 15:03:10 PDT 2017

SPL-5r00 has been uploaded onto the T10 site.
This document is a copy of SPL4r12 with additional changes incorporated from the Boise meeting.
(SPL-4r13 will include the same editorial changes, but I'm, waiting for final INCITS approval).

I will publish SPL-5r01 shortly with the following incorporated changes:

R.1 Revision SPL-5 r01 (24 October 2017)
Incorporated these:
a) 17-135r2 - SPL-5: Fixes (deletable primitives clarifications) [Friend, Geldman, Hery];
b) 17-071r2 - SPL-5: Tx Training custom coefficient setting [Tim Symons];
c) 16-261r3 - SPL-5: SFF-8609 Mode Page control structure [Kevin Marks];
d) 17-046r1 SPL-5 Obsolete Multiplexing [Brad Besmer]
e) removed duplicate "or" from a), b) list in section 6.6.


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