[T10] May T10 Hotel feedback

John Geldman John.Geldman at taec.toshiba.com
Thu Nov 16 13:54:33 PST 2017

$259 works and my first choice would be downtown (otherwise the distance will tend to keep us away from a visit)

Downtown is:
a ~10 mile uber/taxi ride from AUS.
The Domain is:
a 20-25 mile drive (short is faster right now) from AUS; and
12+ miles to downtown.
Round Rock is:
a 25-30 mile drive (long is faster right now) from AUS; and
15+ miles to downtown.

For a downtown hotel, I would get transportation to the hotel and not a car.
(We can ask Dan to run an hourly shuttle?)

John Geldman

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Downtown is my first choice, but Round Rock is a close second.

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I have been looking at Hotels for the May 2018 T10 meeting in Austin, and all the downtown Austin hotels are coming back with $259 and higher for rooms (+ taxes),  are folks comfortable with that?  Or I can get the Marriot North in Round Rock, near Dell for under $200.  And lastly the Westin at the Domain for $249, but that has a hefty F&B requirement.



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