[T10] impedance requirement (85 ohm or 100 ohm) for SAS-4

justin power at uniconn.com.tw
Tue Jun 6 02:24:52 PDT 2017

Dear Sir, 

There are new cable connections in SAS-4 like SFF-8611/8612 and SFF-8654.

And I see there is a  application for PCIe OCuLink with SFF-8611 cable assembly

and it's impedance is 85 ohm.

In SAS-4,  the SFF-8611 cable assembly is called MiniLink and the impedance is still 100 ohm reference.

The same issue is happened with SFF-8654 cable assembly, there are two versions (85 ohm/100 ohm) in the market now.

Is there indeed two different cables for different applications (PCIe OCuLink/SAS-4) with different cable impedance (85 ohm/100 ohm)?

Or just my misunderstanding?



Uniconn Corp.
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