[T10] Fwd: [EXT] Need help getting T10 meeting info for Boise (Micron hosting)

Bill Martin bill.martin at samsung.com
Thu Jul 20 13:31:35 PDT 2017

I cannot get this on the website at the moment, but will upload later today. I am sending it to the reflector so you gave it as early as possible.

Bill Martin
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SSD I/O Standards
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Date: Thu, Jul 20, 2017, 12:24 PM
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Subject: RE: [EXT] Need help getting T10 meeting info for Boise (Micron hosting)

The information was sent to Bill Martin, on copy.  It is also attached to this email.

It was not clear to me how to put it on the website.  If there are directions on how to do that, I am willing to get it done.


From: Gerry Houlder [mailto:gerry.houlder at seagate.com]
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 12:43 PM
To: Carl Mies (cmies) <cmies at micron.com>
Subject: [EXT] Need help getting T10 meeting info for Boise (Micron hosting)

Hi Carl,

I am directing this to you because you are listed as the primary T10 representative for Micron. If this needs to be directed to someone else at Micron feel free to do so.

The meeting information for the Sept. 18-22 T10 meetings in Boise are not available on the T10 web site. Please provide this information ASAP. If uploading the information to the web site is a problem, then send an email to the T10 reflector.

Thanks for your attention to this.
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