[T10] T10 Meeting This Week

Bill Martin bill.martin at samsung.com
Mon Jan 9 14:10:08 PST 2017

Michael Klempa:

There is no need to register in any way for the INCITS T10 meetings, and you are welcome to stop by and attend any of the meetings. On Tuesday there is the SAS PHY meeting chaired by Alvin Cox and also the Commands, Architecture, and Protocols (CAP) meeting chaired by myself. On Wednesday the CAP meeting continues and STA has their meeting and the SFF group meets in the afternoon.

Hope this helps,

Bill Martin
Co-Chair SNIA Technical Council
Vice Chair INCITS T10
SSD I/O Standards
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Hi Michaels,
I guess I was copied because you didn’t have enough Mikes for the discussion ☺
Anyway I copied Alvin Cox, who is a chairman of the Physical WG. I am planning to be at the meeting tomorrow and Wednesday afternoon SFF one.

Just in case my cell # 949-466-3405

Michael Koffman
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Hi Mike,

Of course — please do stop by at least the STA meeting to say hello.  My mobile is:  415-613-1559

I’m copying Ralph and Tim on this reply so they are aware you might stop by.

I’m about to board my flight now for the meeting.


On Jan 9, 2017, at 10:10 AM, Michael Klempa <mklempa at iol.unh.edu<mailto:mklempa at iol.unh.edu>> wrote:

Hi Michael,

I hope all is well. I reached out to David So about attending tomorrow's Physical Working Group tomorrow, and he mentioned Ralph Weber or Tim Symons might be the people to get in contact with. He didn't know their new emails, so I figured I should reach out to you for the right person to talk to if it was them, or someone else. We are in the area so it would be nice visiting if only for a day or possibly two. Since I have never been, I wasn't sure what the policy is on attending.

Thanks in advance for your time!

Mike Klempa
21 Madbury Rd., Ste 100
Durham, NH 03824

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