[T10] No SAS-4 letter ballot resolution call on 4/27

Alvin Cox alvin.cox at seagate.com
Wed Apr 26 13:10:42 PDT 2017

There is no material ready to present on 4/27 but it has been promised to
be ready for the 5/4 time slot. No call this week, but we will have a call
next week.

Today I posted new revisions of 16-271
<http://www.t10.org/cgi-bin/ac.pl?t=d&f=16-271r4.pdf> and 17-019
<http://www.t10.org/cgi-bin/ac.pl?t=d&f=17-019r3.pdf> that include all
items except the any JTF changes updated. While moving the S-parameters to
the 22.5 Gbit/s section, I did make an editorial update to the entire
standard to use log10 in all places instead of a mix of lg and log10. These
changes are not tracked as that would have caused some ugly layout issues
in several instances. The updates also have some minor changes to the
equations in 17-069r2 to provide the correct polarity for the dB
conversions. Your review of these changes in 17-019 would be greatly
appreciated. The minimum frequency was moved to 50 MHz instead of 100 MHz
to be consistent with the OIF methodology in the rest of the 22.5 Gbit/s

Alvin Cox
Seagate Technology, LLC
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