[T10] Question about NCQ H2D transmission be postponed when receive X_RDY

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Fri Sep 30 12:15:58 PDT 2016

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On 9/30/2016 6:05 AM, Guojian (F) wrote:
> *发件人:*aidepei
> *发送时间:*2016年9月30日16:18
> *收件人:*Guojian (F)
> *主题:*Question about NCQ H2D transmission be postponed when receive X_RDY
> Hi,
> I have confusion about NCQ H2D tansmission.
> According to SATA spec 3.2(9.6.3 Link transmit state machine)
> LT1: HL_SendChkRdy state, this state is entered if a frame 
> transmission has been requested by the host Transport layer.
> If in this state, the Link layer transmits X_RDYp and waits for X_RDYp 
> or R_RDYp  from the Phy layer.
> NOTE 43 - It is possible that both the host and the device 
> simultaneously request frame transmission by transmitting X_RDYp . If 
> the host receives X_RDYp
> while transmitting X_RDYp , the host shall back off and enter the L_R 
> cvWaitFifo state, _postponing its desired frame transmission until the 
> device has completed its frame transmission and the bus is_
> _idle. _
> Transition LT1:1, if the host Link layer receives R_RDYp from the Phy 
> layer, the Link layer shall make a transition to the LT3: L_SendSOF 
> state.
> Transition LT1:2, if the host Link layer receives X_RDYp  from the Phy 
> layer, the Link layer shall make a transition to the LR 2: 
> L_RcvWaitFifo state.
> Consider following scenario:
> host adapter is sending X_RDYp for H2D(NCQ command) but receive X_RDYp 
> for DMA SETUP FIS. After complete reception of DMA SETUP FIS, link 
> layer retransmits H2D(NCQ command), it will result in SATA device 
> aborting the command(NCQ data phase interrupted by H2D).
> My question is :
> In this scenario,
> 1)the H2D(NCQ command) should be postponed in link layer until the 
> device completed its frame transmission or
> 2)link layer should reports error to transport layer because  X_RDY 
> conflicts
> which one is correct?
> Thanks for your help.
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